New album out now!

The Bullfight’s new album “Shame, Guilt, Deception – Individuals chapter I” is out now and available on cd and iTunes. The album was launched in a sold out show at Theater Walhalla on May 6th. You can order the cd through here ( or through your local record store.

Artwork has once again been done by the great artist Jaco Putker and the previously sold out debut “One was a snake” has been added as a bonus cd. Stay tuned for reviews and check out the gigs section every now and then. We hope to see you at one of our shows!

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New double album out February 2017

Our brand new album “Shame, Guilt, Deception” will be released in February 2017 by Brandy Alexander Recordings. The record will feature 10 new songs and a bonus cd with our debut album “One was a snake”, which has been sold out for years.

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Shame, Guilt, Deception”

  1. The Weeping Willow
  2. I guess I Know By Now
  3. That Man
  4. Waltz for L.E.
  5. My Comeback
  6. Only Her Ladder Led To Fire
  7. Shame, Guilt, Deception
  8. Backdoor
  9. My Life Is Better Than Yours
  10. No Thorns, No Roses (reprise)

One Was A Snake

  1. That’s You, Charles
  2. The Ballroom Blitz
  3. No Thorns, No Roses
  4. Remington Blue
  5. The Staring Cult
  6. Needle & Suds
  7. Not Enough To Be Your Deathwish
  8. Stormsplay Bitter
  9. Swaying Dimly In Darkness

New record out now!

The Bullfight’s latest album “La Chasse” is out now, on cd, vinyl and mp3,  through Brandy Alexander Recordings / Sonic Rendezvous and is available through this website (, iTunes and your local record store.

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The review-section will be updated when new reviews are online or printed. Our gigs-section will also be updated when new live-dates emerge. Hope to see you soon at one of our gigs!


Nieuw album / releaseparty + prijsvraag!

Het nieuwe album van The Bullfight, getiteld La Chasse, verschijnt op 30 mei via Brandy Alexander Recordings / Sonic Rendezvous. Het album wordt gepresenteerd in Theater Walhalla op 30 mei en de kaartverkoop is reeds gestart. Vanaf deze datum is het album via deze site te bestellen of bij optredens te koop. Uiteraard is het album ook bij de lokale platenboer te krijgen.

Wil je een gratis album op vinyl of cd? Post dan een selfie met een eerder uitgebracht Bullfightalbum op de facebooksite van The Bullfight. Hoe vreemder, weirder, film-noirder of sensueler de foto, des te meer kans je maakt! 20 mei worden de best twee selfies beloond met een gratis album (cd of vinyl, naar keuze).

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This village’s lonely pastor

Taken from La Chasse (Brandy Alexander Recordings / Sonic Rendezvous, 2015)

The Storm Behind Our Smiles

From La Chasse (Brandy Alexander Recordings, Sonic Rendezvous, 2015)

New Album & Record Label

Our album, La Chasse, is to be released in May 2015. We are very proud to release the album on our newly founded Record Label: Brandy Alexander Recordings. Our album will be distributed in Europe through Sonic Rendezvous. Please check this site regularly for updates as new songs will be put up and tour dates will be added. Hope to see you at one of our shows!

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