New album out now!

The Bullfight’s new album “Shame, Guilt, Deception – Individuals chapter I” is out now and available on cd and iTunes. The album was launched in a sold out show at Theater Walhalla on May 6th. You can order the cd through here ( or through your local record store.

Artwork has once again been done by the great artist Jaco Putker and the previously sold out debut “One was a snake” has been added as a bonus cd. Stay tuned for reviews and check out the gigs section every now and then. We hope to see you at one of our shows!

You can check some songs at the music section of subscribe to our youtubechannel (see links-section).

No Thorns, No Roses (reprise)

Taken from “Shame, Guilt, Deception” (Brandy Alexander Recordings, 2017)

The Weeping Willow

Taken from “Shame, Guilt, Deception” (Brandy Alexander Recordings, 2017)

Releasedate and shows for new album

The Bullfight’s new album “Shame, Guilt, Deception – individuals chapter I” will be released on May 8th through Brandy Alexander Recordings / Sonic Rendezvous.

The album will be released as a double album and will contain the sold out debut album “One was a Snake”. “Shame” itself contains 9 tracks, previously unreleased, which are both newly written and (new renditions of) old(er) songs. They serve as a collection rather than a rounded album.

Releaseshow will be held at Theater Walhalla on May 6th, where the album will be available for the first time.

New shows will be added soon and the first video (“The Weeping Willow”) has been made available through our youtubechannel (see VIDEO-section).

New double album out February 2017

Our brand new album “Shame, Guilt, Deception” will be released in February 2017 by Brandy Alexander Recordings. The record will feature 10 new songs and a bonus cd with our debut album “One was a snake”, which has been sold out for years.

A new video will be released soon! Follow us on Facebook for more news.


Shame, Guilt, Deception”

  1. The Weeping Willow
  2. I guess I Know By Now
  3. That Man
  4. Waltz for L.E.
  5. My Comeback
  6. Only Her Ladder Led To Fire
  7. Shame, Guilt, Deception
  8. Backdoor
  9. My Life Is Better Than Yours
  10. No Thorns, No Roses (reprise)

One Was A Snake

  1. That’s You, Charles
  2. The Ballroom Blitz
  3. No Thorns, No Roses
  4. Remington Blue
  5. The Staring Cult
  6. Needle & Suds
  7. Not Enough To Be Your Deathwish
  8. Stormsplay Bitter
  9. Swaying Dimly In Darkness

One was a snake special edition

Early 2017 The Bullfight will reissue One was a snake, which has been sold out for a long time now. The reissue will be presented as a double album, including 10 new songs as well as the original master of One was a snake. The double album will feature brand new artwork by artist Jaco Putker. Stay tuned for a preview and release info.

Recording new material

The last couple of weeks may have seemed like quiet ones. We are currently working on new material and hope to record some during spring / summer. We are also planning (livingroom) shows so return here every once in a while. We will also be posting some unreleased songs through our site so make sure to keep an eye on that as well!

The Bullfight’s music in new Effio campaign

The death of Martin van Dongen from The Bullfight’s latest album La Chasse is used in the new viral campaign of Effio, widely known for manufacturing dandy socks. Check the video and music out here

The Bullfight woonkamer concerten

Nu de nieuwe plaat van The Bullfight uit is, wordt er voor het najaar een tour gepland. Graag wil de band daarbij ook een aantal kleinschalige huiskamerconcerten geven. Wil je helpen om deze te organiseren, mail dan naar voor uitleg.  Dit houdt in dat je je huiskamer ter beschikking stelt, bezoekers werft en daarbij als host fungeert. Er wordt hierbij gemikt op een publiek tussen de 25-35 personen, die allen entree betalen. Een deel van de opbrengst gaat naar de band, maar de host krijgt uiteraard ook een deel voor de catering. Schroom niet en organiseer je eigen The Bullfight-show bij je thuis!



The Bullfight’s new record La Chasse is getting great reviews. Most of them are in Dutch. Check them out in the review section in the menu-bar. After initial quotes, there is a link to the entire review.


La Chasse behoort tot het beste dat de Nederlandse popmuziek momenteel te bieden heeft, maar kan ook buiten de landsgrenzen de concurrentie met speels gemak aan. La Chasse is een plaat om te koesteren.”- De krenten uit de pop (NL)

La Chasse is vooral een plaat om van te smullen en intens te koesteren.” – Kindamuzik (NL)

Wonderschoon geheel… Dit wil je op elk podium horen” – Zinesters (NL)

“Het kwaliteitsniveau van teksten en muziek op La Chasse is dertien songs lang constant hoog” – Popunie (NL)

The best Dutch act around these days…Don’t miss out on this band! 4/5″  – BlueBoogie Review (BE) 

“Een burleske vaudeville show” – Rootstime (BE)

Ein emotional aufgeladener Trip zwischen absoluter Liebe und Tod… Makabren Carnaval nicht ohne einer Portion schwarzen Humor  15/20.”       – Musik an Sich (DE)

Stimmung wie in einem Film Noir. Selten gingen Texte und Musik so perfekt Hand in Hand 8,5/10.” – With Love, The Underground (DE)  

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