New double album out February 2017

Our brand new album “Shame, Guilt, Deception” will be released in February 2017 by Brandy Alexander Recordings. The record will feature 10 new songs and a bonus cd with our debut album “One was a snake”, which has been sold out for years.

A new video will be released soon! Follow us on Facebook for more news.


Shame, Guilt, Deception”

  1. The Weeping Willow
  2. I guess I Know By Now
  3. That Man
  4. Waltz for L.E.
  5. My Comeback
  6. Only Her Ladder Led To Fire
  7. Shame, Guilt, Deception
  8. Backdoor
  9. My Life Is Better Than Yours
  10. No Thorns, No Roses (reprise)

One Was A Snake

  1. That’s You, Charles
  2. The Ballroom Blitz
  3. No Thorns, No Roses
  4. Remington Blue
  5. The Staring Cult
  6. Needle & Suds
  7. Not Enough To Be Your Deathwish
  8. Stormsplay Bitter
  9. Swaying Dimly In Darkness